It is Definitely About Time You Shine!


Here at Shine Health and Fitness we aim to inspire and educate as many women as possible on the power of functional exercise, eating healthy delicious meals, building a fit and fabulous mindset and want you to embrace MORE BODY LOVE AND CONFIDENCE.

Together, we can achieve what you thought was impossible. Its about time you SHINE babe!

My name is Kristen, I am a Mumma of four boys and started Shine Health and Fitness back in 2015.  I started off as being a PT just training clients and running my own Fitness Bootcamp in my own back yard.  As the years have zoomed past, as have I and the vision for my business.

With COVID-19, it has furthermore strengthened my vision to helping others around the globe become a healthier and fitter version of themselves.

95 % of my business is currently being run online, whether that be Online Personal Training Groups, One on One Training, 6 Week Challenges or Nutritional Programs.

When you work with me, I work with YOU - and factor in all the things that make YOU unique to really make that breakthrough, to make you SHINE

Have a look around my site, as it evolves, please contact me for any questions as they relate xxx



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