I’m so excited to share our 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge with you.  As you might know, accountability is SUPER important to any new program, so I'm excited to join you in doing the program alongside you!

This program is not just about weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight (though that does happen!), it’s about overall health, reducing inflammation, detoxifying your body, and increasing energy (YAY!).

We have had people who drop an entire dress size as their body regulates.  You will expect to sleep better, wake up with an abundance of energy that is sustained all day long. 

Ask yourself this, isn't it about time that you SHINE? 


It is your birth rite to feel that joy you thought you had lost – that zest for life!  Quit craving unhealthy choices and learn how to create better habits.   This program is for Mums, Dads, Grandparents or anyone really!  You do not need to be overweight to benefit from this.   Anyone benefits from an overhaul of good nutrition leaving no stone left behind.

Oh, and when you order the AVP as a Preferred Client, you get everything need for the 30 days (see below!) AND 40% off PLUS lifetime access to the program.  AND a free gift, too!


Be sure to click my link below or even better email me with any questions and I will be happy help you get setup!

You will receive VIP Access to our exclusive coaching group on Facebook where we share meals, shake ideas, meal recipes, health hacks, shopping lists, guides and more!

30 Day Healthy Living Program

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