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How do busy Mums stay fit and healthy?

Skipping meals, eating children leftovers, and not prioritising your own exercise - and sleep means that even though your partner and kids may be doing well, secretly behind it all you are barely surviving.

For a lot of us out there, and my husband would agree, raising children is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs there is. It can all be quite a big juggle and balancing act – and by not looking after yourself, it certainly impacts its level of difficulty!

During the school week, it is a mash up of rushing, driving, cooking, cleaning and taxi’ing…come the weekend time is very much devoted to the children and partners recreation….and we can get in a bit of a cycle…rinse…wash…repeat…I definitely ensure I get some me time while the kids are at school to make sure I don’t get lost in the big rinse cycle.

Having said all of this, prioritising, scheduling is a MUST do activity. This is so that everyone has their needs covered, physically and emotionally. What I see often which raises red flags, is OVER COMMITTING. For example, some people set themselves goals to be at the gym every day by 5am before work every day – and these people are having issues already making it to work on time…needless to say, this is going to end up in tears.

A more realistic approach would be, I will go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 530am. This is a non-negotiable. Remembering, a lot of these people have kids to get ready for school in the mornings.

Whether your goal is to do a minimum number of workouts each week, prepare healthy lunches or set aside time to cook and set up some time schedules, they all help to keep abreast of life and reclaim a better health and physical fitness.

Tips for Success

Schedule exercise – this is a non-negotiable, if you have been scheduling it later in the day and have been paying it off, try working out as early as possible.

I would always recommend doing some form of exercise that you love, or at least like. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it for the long term. Fitness and health are a lifestyle choice. Try to do at least exercise for 120 minutes each week – no excuses.

Don’t eat your children’s left overs. Just don’t. Added calories that you really don’t need, and who knows what has been regurgitated?

Plan one cheat meal or a day where you will eat as you please if that’s what you would like to do. That way you don’t feel deprived if you love those fries or treats! On a Friday evening we will have fish and chips together, so that is my meal for the week to enjoy!

Never starve yourself – not only will you become HANGRY and a mean Mumma, you are far more likely to binge or crave the wrong foods. Don’t skip the lunch in favour of a coffee! Celery sticks and carrots with Hommus are one of my favourites before I collect the kids from school.

Nourish the body with complete nutrients. Don’t calorie count so to speak but choose food that will replenish the cells in your body. For example, an afternoon snack with avocado on a slice of rye bread is far better than 2 Tim Tams even though they are almost the same in kilojoule content. The body knows where to store natural food, so don’t be afraid to nourish your body.

Self care – take yourself on a date, spend time with yourself and listen to what your mind is saying. Finding time is a stretch - I know this first hand. You don’t need 1 hour, you can definitely use 5-10 minutes to start just to sit and take several deep breaths. Deep breathing is said to relax us, make us more aware of our surroundings and helps us reconnect with ourselves. Some examples are having your nails done, sitting down uninterrupted to read a magazine and enjoy a hot tea.

Spend time with your Partner – this is important. Quality time in such a busy world is important to connect as a couple and come back to where it all began. Schedule a regular date night or even a weekend away. Something that takes you both away from family life.

Dont COMPARE yourself and stay in your own lane. Your health journey is completely different to that of your neighbour or best friend.

I hope this helps you xox

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