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Dreading winter and it's subtle weight gain? All that work over the last few months need not vanish into thin air! There are ways to counteract the winter jacket, being armed with the knowledge that you seem to gain a sneak 2-3 kilos is in your favour! Here are some great tips to keep you motivated and on track!

Pantry Check

Make sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables on hand. Remove the snacks from your grocery list or hide them if you must keep them in the house. I have found by removing items lacking nutrition I tend to go for healthy options or not eat at all - because it was not really hunger.

Drink Water

Even if it is cooler, we still need to up the H2O. Water flushes the body of toxins, keeps the metabolism chugging along and staves hunger. Hot tea can work a treat - the decaffeinated types, as: 1) They are warm and keep our belly warm, making us feel full for longer 2) It's still counted as water consumption 3)There are loads of benefits from teas (eg Chamomile is relaxing, Cranberry is anti inflammatory).

Get some SUN

During the cooler months, there is less daylight - try to get in as much as you can! Daylight increases our feel good hormones (aka serotonin). We start craving sugary and carb heavy foods to counteract the decreased levels of serotonin - make sense? An extra 10 minute walk during the day is also a good calorie burner! Winning! Vitamin D - you can actually request a blood test to ensure you have adequate levels :)

Wear your Activity Tracker

Keep an eye on how much activity you are doing! It is so easy just to lay under the covers and confine ourselves to the indoors when it is cold.

Exercise later in the day

By exercising later in the day, or early evening, you may find that you relax more, and are less likely to snack (reaching for that tim tam and Milo). You will also be warmed up so well that exercise may feel a lot easier than doing it first thing when it is cold and dark.

Embrace the Cold Weather

Buy some winter active wear that makes you feel so incredibly awesome that you MUST get out and workout in it! The cold is not as bad as those who live in Iceland, or those who are snowed in and cannot get out of the house!







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