• Kristen Hine

Calorie counting or Portion Control?

You may think that getting leaner is as simple as consuming fewer calories or burning more calories than you consume. It is correct, however there is a tad bit more involved.

Because of the way nutrition influences our hormonal environment within the physical body, the standard ‘calories in versus calories out’ approach does not always work.

2,500 calories from a Snickers bar looks completely different to 2,500 calories of broccoli. Would you agree?

Food labels only provide us with a very general "approximation" of calories, vitamins, and other nutrients. How can every single serve be the exact same without any scientific testing... I am pretty sure most companies do not do that, relying on "approximation". Makes sense to me! We know that calorie counting is an inexact science. It can give you a rough estimate of how much energy (how many calories) you are consuming every day, but it is not precise.

There are many factors that can influence the calorie, nutrient, and mineral content of the foods you eat such as those factors listed above, so it makes sense to save yourself a tonne of anxiety and additional work by skipping the calorie counting and focusing on portion sizes.

You need to be able to look at a plate and understand what a serving looks like for you, and your goals. It will certainly look different to that of an 18-year-old young man or an 84-year-old woman. This way, when you are out for dinner or lunch, you will be able to make smarter decisions.

How To Plate Up is a very clever program that has been developed with all the above in mind. This simple food methodology teaches how to balance and combine the 3 main food groups together on a plate, so each and every meal you eat is highly nutritious and services the 3 systems of the body - nervous, digestive and immune.

When we eat good quality proteins combined with plant-based carbohydrates (both non-starchy and starchy) and good fats, we feed the body well.

You see, our nervous system needs to be nourished so our digestive system can digest well, and when these two systems are cared for, the immune system will absorb nutrition better.

This smart & simple food combining methodology helps you create healthy meals in perfect balance, as nature intended. What we love about it the most is that it's suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, paleo and keto - just simply create your own or utilise one of the delicious and nutritious recipes included in the program and make your own! Download your FREE Mini Ebook NOW!

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