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Clean Beauty

This is a common term these days in the holistic health realm - but why is their a rise in the demand? Studies have shown that much of what we put on our skin is indeed absorbed into our bloodstream. And in less than 30 seconds! Those crazy chemicals that we cannot pronounce or begin to understand are showing up in our blood, just like a nicotine patch would, with toxic chemicals flowing in our bodies. Scarily, 200 different chemicals and toxic compounds have been found in unborn fetal umbilical chords - most of which come from household detergents, cosmetics and toiletries. Many of these can cause cancer, hormone disruption and/or damage our immune system over the long term.

In Australia there are over 40,000 chemicals available for use in everyday household items including cleaning products, laundry detergents, cosmetics and toiletries and so much more. With barely any regulation in Australia, consumers need to be aware that current legislation does not protect their health. In fact, there are no pre-market regulations that stipulate mandatory testing of chemicals prior to sale in Australia. Do your research people!

What can you do? My advice is to read the product label and question any ingredients that you are not familiar with. There are a number of ways that you can find out about toxic chemicals in cosmetics, personal care and household products. You can visit the TGA & NICNAS to learn about chemicals in Australia or EWG's website for a comprehensive list of chemicals along with EWG's rating (plus loads more).

I do not suggest you do a complete overhaul - take one step at a time - such as changing your soap, moisturiser, foundation - whichever you use the most.

PS I have some favourite chemical free mositurisers for the whole family here or makeup range that was recommended by a beautician i came across.

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