• Kristen Hine

Find Your 20

Hey Guys! How many of you STRUGGLE finding time to exercise? What if i told you it just takes 20 minutes a day?

How do you feel not being able to get time to exercise, while so many it seems, can? Do you feel extra pressure to feel good, or do you just want to feel good again?

If you do something TODAY, you will be making one step that will work towards making you feel - STRONG - COURAGEOUS - LEAN - EMPOWERED - just like you should.

And it takes 20 minutes. Say it with me - twenty minutes. No, you dont need to spend an hour of your precious time every day! How great is that!

My question for you is...Would you like to start taking ACTION? Or wait...until..you feel worse?

Even if it is just 10 minutes today, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Sometimes when we think nothing is happening, it is happening.

Finding Your 20 is all about finding 20 minutes each day getting your heart rate up , and by engaging in body weight exercise you are not only improving your muscle tone - but building strong bones and bolstering your metabolic rate for the day and week!

I have created a few workouts and will post them here, and have a created a great group that is dedicated to Finding Twenty and educting you on healthy habits! If you want to join in on the fun, and find yourself thinking - ITS TIME TO SHINE, why not pop in and see us on line? Visit the group today for FREE here

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today! Something that is really close to my heart - helping YOU SHINE! And with this technique, I can guarantee every one of you will feel and look amazing after doing this for 4-6 weeks (and of course looking after your food intake!).

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