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Help your Kids Learn balance during the school Holidays

Winter is here - school holidays are in full swing - let the good times begin! Let me help you find some ways to keep both yourself and the kids HEALTHY ~ HAPPY ~ PHYSICALLY FIT during the school holidays.

Winter is the time to really focus on NOURISHING the body with wholefoods, decreasing sugary foods and making sure we drink our water - to really ramp up and boost our immune systems.

Too much sugar, processed foods, stress, minimal sleep and less physical movement are ALL unhealthy habits which can lead to cold, flu and a DEPRESSED immune system. The things we need to steer clear of during the colder months most definately.

So make sure you are eating fresh produce over the Winter to ensure you are feeding your body with the colours it needs. Soups, broths, slow cooked meals are a sure fire way to do this. You can make zucchini slice, pesto, banana breads which are super healthy for the kids - and our waistlines too!

Things YOU could to do with the Kids to help them SHINE - on a budget!

  • Choose a healthy meal to cook together - go to the shops to purchase the ingredients. Make sure it is healthy of course!

  • Have an Active Hour each day - whether that be riding bikes, walking the dogs, bush walking, exploring rock pools by the ocean

  • Geocaching

  • Make a smoothie together

  • Make a Gratitude Jar and ask probing questions to get to know your child

  • Do a workout together

  • Painting cards for people you are unable to see right now and wish them a lovely day

If you are after quick workouts, I have a NEW Program- Find Your 20 - specifically for those who struggle finding time to get in exercise. Want more info? Visit me here

Much love health and happiness to you xox


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