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Pushing out a Grocery Haul to over 2 weeks

My name is Bianca Hathaway and here’s a little of my health and wellness story.

Until I was about 30 I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. There was a lot of ‘ok if I eat this bad food I have to do this much exercise or I can’t eat for the rest of the day’. And that was how I rolled for a long time. I was in a healthy weight range but my mindset wasn’t healthy.

Now being wiser in my 30’s I had a change in my mindset as my body was changing. I started to eat proper meals and have healthy snacks, and I started to enjoy exercise it made me feel good, and I felt strong.

And then there was a shift again in my mindset when my kiddies came along. I wanted to set a good example for them and so they would have a positive outlook towards food and exercise.

In the last few years ‘we’ as a family have stuck to a clean diet which is cutting out the crap, getting back to basics - less processed food, less refined sugar and adding in more whole foods and lean meats. Back to basics…….

Now don’t get me wrong we still enjoy a piece of cake or some chips here and there but generally we stick to the 80/20 rule. (clean 80% of the time, 20% not so clean). Another point I try to emphasise with my kids is that the cakes and chips are “sometimes” food not “bad” food.

I like to involve the kids in making snacks or helping with tea when I can, and if they want to try the ingredients or the raw veggies I let them.. it’s awesome for them to touch and feel and taste. And yes sometimes it’s super frustrating to have little helpers making a mess or taking double the time but I just take a breath and let them have a go.

I like to meal plan what we are having for tea for the week ahead, I hate the feeling of ‘what are we having for tea tonight’, getting organised takes no time on a Sunday (in saying that I do have a Thermomix which makes life so much easier) I work with the ingredients I have on hand, and it saves so much heart ache during the week.

I try and shop once a fortnight ( I have been known to push it out longer though haha). I have our fruit and veg delivered once a fortnight and if we need tops during that time I just get it from the supermarket.

I usually only cook four nights a week and try to stick with 2 meat dishes (chicken or red meat) and 2 vegetarian dishes, we’re not vegetarians but I found I was getting stuck in the meat and 3 veg domain haha. I make enough to have leftovers for 2 nights and on Sundays, well it just depends we might have a full blown roast meal or an omelette.

I like to have things like fruit cut up, yoghurt, rice cakes, peanut butter on hand for snacks for the kids that don’t require much time or thought. I also usually have things made up like bliss balls or healthy muffins which I keep in the fridge or freezer.

At the moment all the kids activities are still cancelled so we have a-bit more time to enjoy long morning walks. We would walk 6 days a week at the moment. It’s so good to keep us all active, my eldest loves walking and exploring through the bush tracks and it does amazing things being out in nature for my mental clarity. It keeps my steps up as well which I aim for a minimum of 12k per day.

I had my 2 kids in a fairly short period of time (18 months between them) and I’ve had to work really hard to lose the baby weight. I’m currently 11kg down but my goal in another 5kg away. My beautiful friend and PT has kept me on track and prior to iso life I would do 4 HIIT workouts a week plus walking with the kids, but on a shorter scale then I was also following a Clean Eating Be Lean program which made me more

aware of what i was eating, as a mum it’s so easy to take a couple of bites of the kids meals and it all adds up.

I absolutely have days where I can’t be bothered to exercise or i just want to sit in front of the tv and eat junk… I think everyone does, right? For me, at this point in my life it’s not about having a flat tummy or the best butt it’s about feeling mentally and physically strong, fit and super healthy on the inside.

So in summary here’s what I’ve been doing:


  1. Add some super-foods/nuts/seeds to my breakfast (currently loving turmeric, pepitas and almonds on my oats)

  2. Get as many veggies into my day as I can (generally at lunch and tea)

  3. Drink 2.5L of water

  4. No alcohol (only for special occasions)

  5. My Juice Plus capsules

  6. Plant based protein


  1. Walk daily min 12,000k

  2. 1 - 2 HIIT sessions per week

  3. 1 x rest day


  1. Reading

  2. Podcasts

  3. Journaling

  4. Gratitude

I hope that’s helpful or if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to have a chat!

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