• Kristen Hine

Working out at Home - My top tips to make you SHINE

Yes- absolutely - exercise 'should' be a part of everyone's day. Whether that be a 45 minute walk or a weighted circuit, it is all relevant. Right now, I have met so many men and women - who would like to implement an exercise program but struggle to ignite that self motivation to begin 'training'.

Because I have trained others at home - and myself for the last 20 or so years (showing my age here!) I want to share my personal tips on how to get started, building and maintaining motivation and momentum for at-home workout success.

Working out at a gym or in a boot camp can put us in contact with others who have similar goals and like similar things — these are great for accountability and confidence knowing that someone has your back - for example your trainer and team mates.

But then, throw in a few things with work, kids, other commitments, how do you fit it all in? It can be so hard! And doing things on your own can be equally as hard for some.

Right now, you could be doing a Challenge online with a trainer, you could be doing online personal training, you could also follow along the mountain load of clips on You Tube - a great way to explore different exercise techniques! Doing this will increase your metabolic rate, firm you up and give you that confidence to keep going. Knowing that YOU yourself were able to workout at home and get results should be enough to spark some sort of zest!

So, you do not need a gym, a perfect little area with a pretty background. Right now as I speak my area is full of dismantled beds waiting to be picked up (the kids outgrew them). Enough space to do a push up - so that is where you should start.

From there, write down a mini circuit - possibly one you have done at boot-camp? Is there a trainer you could ask for some suggestions? I know a heap of online Personal Trainers that post workouts to do at home. So definitely go there and do some searching.

Aim to include a 45 minute window so you can workout at home - if you have kids, do it during their nap time?

Equipment - you do not NEED anything. You really don't.

You would have heard the many benefits of exercise, boost your basal metabolic rate, reshape and define your body plus reduce stress and anxiety without travel, membership dramas, or fuss of getting to a gym.

The idea to train at home and making a success of it for yourself does take preparation, so make sure you prepare yourself.

  • Eliminate distractions. The biggest obstacle when it comes to working out at home are all the distractions that threaten to cut your workout short. This means turn off the phone, let others know you are working out

  • Build a support system - onboard your family and friends and let them know your new routine

  • Create a fitness space - like i said before, it does not need to be fancy. I started off in-front of the coffee table, moved to a bedroom and now i am in the garage!

  • Schedule time to train. Make it an appointment with yourself.

  • Don't forget about your form. If you do need help with form and technique i would recommend an Online Personal Trainer who can do this for you without leaving home

  • Try new moves - try HIIT, cycling, elliptical training

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